PI of ENDpoiNTs

Joelle Ruegg coordinator of ENDpoiNTs

Joelle Ruegg is coordinator of the ENDpoiNTs project and participates in several work packages. Overall, prof. Ruegg’s research is focused on the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals on neurodevelopment. She is engaged in multidisciplinary projects to address the full complexity of this topic, coupling molecular mechanisms to human health, and translating scientific insights into regulatory and political decisions.

Currently working at Uppsala University in Sweden, she leads a research group focused on unravelling the role of epigenetic changes (i.e. long-lasting changes in gene regulation that do not involve alteration in the DNA sequence) and other molecular mechanisms underlying endocrine-disruptive effects. This is achieved by combining mechanistic studies in cellular models, analyses of human samples and samples from exposed experimental animal models, as well as insights from epidemiological data. Using this interdisciplinary approach, she aims to contribute to a better understanding of the risks posed by EDC-exposure in early life and to develop novel testing methods, based on epigenetic endpoints, that can ultimately be integrated into EDC testing strategies.